A Champion safe body is pressure-formed from thick, American-made steel plate, with fully welded top and bottom caps—not from smaller pieces of steel skip-welded together. Unlike our competitors, all our welds are continuous.


To add strength and rigidity to the safe’s door opening, Champion adds a Double-Steel Door CasementTM. This casement is formed from two layers of steel and is welded around the perimeter of the door opening. It provides a more secure and pry-resistant door mounting. Most safe companies do not offer this reinforcement.


Champion has developed two precision mechanisms for operating the safe’s boltworks. Both mechanisms have clutching devices, which prevent handle pressure from damaging the safe’s internal parts. 1. Four-Way Cam with Cam-Lock. Rugged all-steel components provide smooth, precise operation. The Cam-Lock prevents pressure on the door bolts from affecting the lock. 2. Pinion-Driven Radial Gear. To operate the larger boltworks on the Crown Series, Champion developed the Pinion-Driven Radial Gear. This system is unsurpassed for strength, precision, and smoothness.


The term boltworks refers to the mechanical system that secures the door. A quality boltworks comprises four critical factors: 1. Bolt Count, Bolt Diameter and Bolt Guides. The more and bigger the door bolts, the better. Our RoughneckTM bolt guides eliminate metal- to-metal contact, ensuring smooth, precise bolt movement. 2. Four-Way Boltworks. To provide the highest level of security, door bolts must be positioned on all four sides of the door. 3. Active Bolts. Unlike deadbolts, active (movable) door bolts provide “bolt cinch,” which tightly secures the door against the door casement. 4. Bolt-DetentTM System. When the safe’s door is open the Bolt-DetentTM prevents bolt movement, eliminating damage to the safe’s exterior.


Champion uses heavy-duty ball-bearing internal hinges. Internal hinges cost more but provide additional security.


Even the best locks are vulnerable to attack and need internal protection. Champion bonds industrial diamond to 1⁄4"-thick through-hardened tungsten steel to create our Diamond-Embedded Armor PlateTM, the ultimate in lock protection. Most safe companies use only case-hardened mild-steel or ball-bearing plates.


When a safe’s lock is attacked, most quality safes have internal systems that automatically lock up the boltworks to prevent entry. Champion uses two systems: 1. Auto-RelockTM System. This is activated when the safe’s lock is attacked by punching or drilling. 2. Glass-GuardTM Relock System. Champion uses a tempered-glass, bank-vault type relocker to protect the lock on all Crown Series safes. (Available as an option in the Triumph Series.)


When buying a gun safe most people want to know that thier valuables will be protected during a fire. How well a safe performs depends on four variariables: 1. The type and amount of insulation used in the body of the gun safe. 2. How well the fire insulation is installed, meaning no cutouts for internal hinges. 3. Door seal effectiveness keeping all of your valuables protected from the strongest of fires.

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